Ever thought about hiring a company for your kitchen re-design? But thought, are they able to understand and execute your needs and wants when it comes to the designing process? Will the re-design work and function well together? Do they utilize quality materials and artisans without overcharging? Finding the right company for this task can be a time-consuming task. Though, there is no need to fret as we check all the boxes!

Jamie Knight

We are one of the leading companies when it comes to providing Kitchen cabinetry and joinery products & services in Cheltenham. We are a family-run business, so we always treat all of our clientele and their kitchen space as if it is our own. To ensure that we satisfy the design, crafting, and installing the needs of our clients, we have a team of expert designers and artisans. This means that not only can we create a blueprint for what you have in mind, we can also execute it by creating the pieces and installing them. So, you will be able to have the process completed from start to finish without having to go to someone else.

Why You Should Choose Us

Not only will the design be tailored according to your ideas, but the cabinets and kitchen fixtures will also be made from scratch, which is why all of the fixtures will be the exact size that they need to be to fit perfectly. The best part is that while maintaining quality, we tailor our utilization of materials so that we can provide you with the best possible product that also fits within your budget.

How The Designing Process Works Here

Once you choose us for your kitchen design, Jamie himself will start by first visiting your home and conducting a free survey and consultation. This is where we will understand your needs and requirements for the design itself. This initial consultation will help us in starting up a unique designing project that is best suited for you. At first, Jamie will create a 2D model using CAD drawings and input your wishlist throughout the design. You will be provided with a quote for the cost of cabinets, paint finish, fitting & delivery with other kitchen fixtures like worktops, handles/knobs and appliances being added later upon request. After the design is completed and a deposit has been received, you will receive your unique design file, which includes finished plans, drawings for the builders, images, and measurements.

The Building Process

To bring what you have in mind to life, our design team will then work with the builders throughout the entire process, that is, from the preparation of the kitchen to the fitting process.

No matter what idea you may have in mind for your kitchen design, we will work for you until we are able to produce a design that not only looks aesthetically-pleasing but also functions well together on the whole. So, come to have a chat with us and bring your idea to life with us.