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"I was extremely impressed by the quality of the craftsmanship in the build and fit."

Matthew Horton

Handmade Shaker Kitchens

Jamie Knight makes beautiful, durable and practical kitchens by hand, to completely bespoke designs.

We don't have set ideas, so come and talk to us about what you want, and we will make it happen!

Our kitchen cabinets are made from birch plywood or hardwood-faced plywood. We can make them as large or small as you want, with perfectly sized cabinet depths and widths, with no awkward fillers and wasted space.

Plywood gives a stronger structure and is both affordable for our customers, and of a consistently high quality. We only use products from sustainable sources. Our cabinets are spray lacquered inside to a durable and beautiful finish.

We handpick higher quality materials, to ensure you have the very best in your kitchen. Our cabinets are finished with a choice of veneers from oak to maple to walnut, and we can also use solid wood for internal cabinetry for customers with slightly higher budgets.

Our frames are made from solid tulip from the poplar tree, a perfect surface for painting in our unlimited colour library, which includes all of the well-known brands. We can also use oak and other woods, so please let us know your requirements.

Kitchen drawers and internal extra items, like spice racks, drawer inserts and chopping blocks, are finished to the same high standard as all of our products. The drawer boxes are made of solid wood, including walnut, poplar, maple and oak, with neat dovetail joints, made from no more than two pieces of wood. Our drawers are spray finished in our custom durable lacquer.

We make all of our own products right here in Cheltenham, from sustainable sources. Wherever possible, we use local materials.

Our unique designs are competitively priced. We will give you more for less than other local high-end kitchen companies.

A brand new service from Jamie Knight is removable face frames for your kitchen cabinets. We are future-proofing your kitchen, so that if you damage a cupboard, or simply get bored of the colour, we can take the frame away and re-paint it at our workshop in just seven to 14 days.

Want to take all the stress out of the job? We can project manage your kitchen fitting for a fee of 12%. We will work with plumbers, electricians and other contractors so you can just take it easy and enjoy watching your perfect new kitchen take shape.

Internal cabinet solutions

Our kitchen cabinets and drawers give you so much more. We have a huge range of internal cabinet solutions to make them work even better for you.

To maximise the potential of every cabinet, we offer Swiss storage design from Peka to make sure every last inch of space is used.

Internal cabinet solutions make life easier, giving you better access to the contents of your cupboards and a better overview of what's inside for effortless cooking. With pull-out shelves, double-level shelves and height adjustable shelves, you can reach to the very top or very back of your cupboards and drawers.

Talk to us about your needs, and we will find the right internal cabinet solution just for you.

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