Bespoke Oak and Anthracite Internal Storage from Peka

Peka is a dynamic, independent manufacturing and trading company with in-depth and hard-won knowledge of the kitchen trade. They have come to occupy a leading position in the furnishing sector, and are currently seeking to build on their already established success. Peka has developed and manufactured pull-out systems and complete solutions for the kitchen and furniture industry for over 40 years. Peka was set up as a family-run business in 1964 and is located in Mosen, Switzerland, on the shores of Lake Hallwil.

They were one of the pioneers of tall cabinet pull-out systems and Magic Corner cupboard solutions, as well as of user-friendly, ecologically designed waste separation systems. With a steady stream of new products and more than 50 applications for patents, they have become an important partner for any innovative furniture companies.

Their innovation is strengthened by the continuous monitoring of the market, and their evaluation of and attention to the customer’s needs. Their products, which are developed in close cooperation with our customers, are user-friendly, space-saving, and designed for life with the highest quality standards.

FIORO – Front Panels, Units and Fittings Form a Harmonious Whole.

FIORO is the perfect marriage of metal shelves and the partnership of oiled oak rails blending seamlessly. With blurring lines between the kitchen and living spaces now makes the design and functionality of a product even more important.

Example Of The Peka Range